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New equipment coming

We are pleased to tell about the new equipment that is ordered and on its way to the CCI. Thanks to the generous funding of the Utrecht University Board to support facilities in the Utrecht Science community, we are able to upgrade the CCI with an OMX-V4 blaze. It again is the collaboration between the Stoorvogel group with the department fo Biology (Akhmanova/Kapitein/Hoogenraad/Wieringa) that boosts superresolution imaging in Utrecht. The Kruyt building will host a gSTED system, we will place the OMX system. Along with this system comes an improvement of the analyses software, we will have a workstation running a IMARIS 8 full version to serve users with high end image analyses questions.

Watch this space for updates.

Bioimaging Utrecht meetings in 2015

A program for meetings within the BioImaging Utrecht community is circulating (see BioImaging Utrecht_ 2015 overview to post it on your department bulletin board). We meet on Feb. 3rd (ANDOR, about Camera technology), May 19th (imaging organoids), Nov. 24th (correlative microscopy) and for ImageJ workshops (April 7th and October 13th).

You are invited to send in your best images for the annual image competition as well.

See for details.

Reposting discontinuation of 2nd Ab supply

We have discontinued the service to provide secundary fluorescently labelled antibodies.

So, please be aware that you are taking our personal stocks when you remove aliquots from our freezer. Contact us when you need a specific secondary antibody, we can supply an aliquot or help you find someone who has a suitable dye conjugate.


This service is too expensive to keep in place. It was useful to maintain a relatively fresh stock that is continuously probed for functionality, this way users did not need to worry about out-of-date fluorescent antibodies.

How to story your own set of fluorescent Antibodies

Keep stocks as 50% glycerol solutions in -20 C freezers,  then long term storage is very stable. The problem of drying and getting aggregates of non-functional antibodies is minimised by this procedure. Our advice is to generate a stock of secondary antibodies and share this among department members (one or two persons responsible for the ordering, aliquotting and distribution clarifies cost streams and inventory overview). A handy tool to keep track of inventories is supplied as freeware by Quartzy or the newly implemented eLabInventory software whitin the UU community for administration of GMOs.

Booking time alterations

We experience a busy schedule for booking the scopes, even in the current summer vacation period. Recently, a booking was placed that lasted several days. We will not allow this to happen again, even though it was announced beforehand and people were allowed to break into the booking when they really needed.

We will implement longer booking in the evening,  until 21:00 hours, via the reserve-a-scope to accommodate late imagers. There are quite a few, it seems.  An overnight session then takes from 21:00 to the next morning at the fixed rate of 80 Euros.

Renewal of the Multiphoton System

Regrettably, the Biorad Multiphoton system is no longer in service. We are going to move the femtosecond Tsunami laser to the Biology Department where Corette Wieringa will be building it into an existing photomanipulation system to give it yet another functional use.

We are negotiating with Nienke Vrisekoop, Kikki Tesselaar and Leo Koenderman from the UMCU  to place a Zeiss LSM7 series multiphoton system (NLO)   in room O124A. Follow this space for updates.

CCI and UU facility investment grant

We are in competition for the investment round to support facilities of the Utrecht University. Main applicants Stoorvogel and Akhmanova aim to strengthen the UU bioimaging society possibilities to do superresolution, photomanipulation and multiphoton imaging. The application requests two of the newest microscopes to perform imaging at the highest level in live cells, one to be placed at the CCI, one to be placed at the Biology Department.