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Reoganization of the CCI

Due to the renewal of  equipment, we will reoganize the CCI drastically.

First, the space that will host the multiphoton system is being prepared. This is a collaboration with the WKZ, see earlier posts about this. This system will be placed in room O122. The co-ordinator of work on this machine will initially be Nienke Vrisekoop. We will facilitate instruction, authorisation and general surveillance of the device.

In preparation of this, the Olympus microscope has been moved to O123A, see an earlier post about this.

Second, we need to fit the OMX system within our limited space which has proven to be a major task. Currently, we plan to move the SPE2 system to the wetlab (room O101) are reserve it for maximally ML1 work. The OMX will then occupy room O124 and O124A.

To do this reorganisation and restore arrears of maintenance on the airconditioning units, we will face disturbance in the CCI day-to-day business in the coming weeks/months. Watch this space for updates.

New Leica 40x oil immersion objective

A new objective for the SPE2 system has arrived (HC PL APO CS2 NA1.3, oil immersion). It is  installed but not fully funtional yet, fluorescence transmission is way better than the old 40x. However, optimal DIC imaging with this objective is not possible yet, we are waiting for the correct condensor prism for this.

Frequent crashing LEICA SPEII

The LEICA SPEII system has serious PC issues with regular crashes (system freeze while scanning, panel box loss and the never ending story on the 561 nm laser that starts ever so slowly) . Make sure you save often and report to us when it happens. We are in the process of replacing the PC, so also make sure your data are backed on your external HD.


Last Thursday, the 30th of October, the PC of the Leica SPE-II confocal crashed, this is already the second crash of the PC this year (we had the HD replaced just a half a year ago). We are trying to get the system running again in the next few days, but rely on ICT support and Leica service.

Data is secured and can be accessed when we plug the HD into another system, please ask the CCI staff to help getting data if you do not have a backup and really need it the next few days.

Hard Disk crash on the Leica SPEII system

This week (Tue 8/7/2014) the hard disk of the SPEII system crashed. We had to remove it and re-install windows. The data on the extracted disk is very poorly readable and thus data and settings of users are essentially lost. Since all users are highly disciplined in their data backup procedures (?!) we can easily retrieve them. If not, contact us and we will help making new settings.

We recommend not to use data files older than 5 months for recovering acquisition settings, the updates of Leica software are not fully backward compatible and we have seen errors because of the older setting files. Best is to make new setting files from scratch in these cases.

Leica service

On April 2nd, a Leica service engineer will try and fix the 561 nm laserline that very slowly starts. Also, the galvo x- and y- motors are going to be checked, they make strange sounds when stopping a scan, a recurring defect it seems.