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OMX-V4 PC crash

One of the PCs of the OMX-V4 system has a corrupted hard drive and does not boot. The system is not usable and will be repaired as soon as possible. The PC does not seem to be in stock in Europe, so it has been ordered in the US. As a result the system will not be operative for at least a week and likely for the rest if this month.  We will do our best to speed up the process and will keep you posted in this blog.

DATA storage testing

A StorSimple backup system has been  implemented by ITS.  We have tested it for a couple of months and it seems to perform well. The extra network drive is available on all imaging machines (except for the Zeiss NLO system, that will be connected to the net in the coming weeks) and can be found at O:\Research\CCI\#equipment\##user##.  Writing on the drive  can only be done on our machines, users will be able to read only from these drives so data will be available but secured. We are implementing a secure logon system for users to read data from this drive.


OMX training nr. 2

Next week, we will be trained by GE healthcare again, now to improve alignment and calibration procedures as well as the DLM module to perform dSTORM type of measurements (alike the NIKON system). Unfortunately, only one of the 4 cameras can be used to perform DLM, Furthermore the system will be upgraded with DIC and the live cell option will be improved and tested.

A webcam has been installed to make finding regions on sample holders more easily.

OMX install in progress

The OMXv4 system is being installed this and next week. The 1st crates have been unpacked and we wait for the  last crate that seems to be lost in transport from Göteborg to Utrecht. GE Healthcare service engineers will be around this week to setup and validate the imaging system.