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JOBS training

We had a training session at NIKON to work with the wizard creator ‘JOBS’ within the NIS software. It is aimed to easily guide people through an imaging session. Especially multiwell plate definition, random position imaging within wells, autofocus, different image capture for different wells  can be predefined and structured. Of course, users still need to know how to tweak the system to get good images but it may turn out to become a popular tool for our facility.

Secundary Antibodies supply discontinued

We are going to discontinue the service to provide secundary fluorescently labelled antibodies. It was useful to maintain a relatively fresh stock that is continuously probed for functionality, this way users did not need to worry about out-of-date fluorescent antibodies. However, this service is too expensive to keep, and if users keep stocks as 50% glycerol solutions in -20 C freezers long term storage is very stable. The problem of drying and getting aggregates of non-functional antibodies is minimised by this procedure. Our advice is to generate a stock of secundary antibodies and share this among department members (one or two persons responsible for the ordering, aliquotting and distribution clarifies cost streams and inventory overview). A handy tool to keep track of inventories is supplied as freeware by Quartzy.


CCI app launched as html-app

To help users I have developed a HTML app (see QRcode below, for now- we are still in testing phase) to log mic setings and send to the user by mail, booking is also included and a checklist to guide STORM imaging is in there as well. Handy for keeping track of some settings you would like to have available before you start a new imaging experiment, making a rule in mailing programs can keep these mails toghether, if you prefer. Native app for Android, Apple and Windows will follow if the app functions well. We noted that some users show personal info on the booking site, beware that this is a public site and anyone can see this (editting is restricted to users though).


QR code

QRcode for CCI -app