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Microfluidic/Organ-on-a-Chip platform UU

Roos Masereeuw (Dept Farmacy) and Bart Gadella (Fac Vet Med) took the initiative to arrange a kick-off meeting for a consortium within the UU community to combine expertise on microfluidic device fabrication and developments in (combined) organ(s) on a chip. The FVM dean, Wouter Dhert  (who represents the joint life sciences faculties) gave a highly motivated talk to get this initiative started to: 1) get better disease models to test treatments, 2) reduce animal use for drug testing, 3) better model the complexity of (human) disease. In different animal models, Bart Gadella explained that correct in vivo fertilization in a fabricated mold that was coated with differentiated oviduct epithelia resemble replanted fertilized embryos efficiencies better (i.e. less polyspermia and better early embryonal development) than standard IVF. Roos Masereeuw explained her work on renal proximal tubuli endothelia in different biofabricated support systems to each measure aspects of the renal transport processes. She stressed that existing animal model systems have relatively poor predictable value for renal toxicity as is clear from experimental drugs that are rejected in the later phases of clinical trials. OOC systems have a great  promise to outperform animal testing models. Pedro Costa explained the capabilities of the biofabrication facility at the RMCU  to design (in a user friendly interface) and manufacture biological culture models in complex structural design and in different biological sample mixtures.

In the discussion, Roos noted the Brain-on-a-Chip meeting that is planned in next week (link). A regular meetup of the UU initiative will be planned and a questionnaire to monitor interests in the UU community is going to be circulated. Collaboration with a national intiative (hdmt) will be investigated .

BioImaging Utrecht Fall Meeting 2016: Tuesday 29th of November

The BioImaging community in Utrecht has its quarterly meeting on Tuesday November the 29th.  Gerhard Blab will talk about the possibilities and mistakes in image analysis anddifferent microscope manufacturers will talk about and demo small microscopes in the Stratenum Building. At the end, the Imaging contest winners will be announced. <flyer>

Date: November 29th 2016
Location:  UMCU, Stratenum Building.  Vondelzaal (Rm. 3.108)
Time: 15:00-17:00 (+drinks)

Safety cabinet placed in corridor

A  flow cabinet to safely work with GGOs is placed in the corridor of the CCI microscopy space. This cabinet is the property of the LTI (UMCU-WKZ) and will mainly be used by users of the Zeiss multiphoton. Guest use is allowed yet leave the working space clean, properly dispose of waste and make sure you do not interfere with other peoples experimental schedules in the cabinet.

Leica SPE-II shifted in room O-101

We have an old building that is leaky, a serious water spill occurred when the last storm hit the east wing of the Androclus building. The equipment (the SPEII) was not damaged due to the swift action of Martijn Moolenaar (thanks again). Apparently, the rain leaked into the building at multiple departments and it is a major concern of the maintenance department. Although patch-type preventive measures are in progress, recurrence of the flooding cannot be ruled out. We urge users to  notify CCI staf asap when it occurs again.

To minimize damage due to such a recurring accident we moved the SPEII to the east wall of the room and lifted all wiring from the floor. The machine is in full operation again.

Clearly, another save location for the SPEII in the tightly packed CCI is high on our agenda.

CCI has a twitter account

I started a twitter account (@CCI_FVM) to provide a way to get notified if something is happening at the CCI. Essentially this blog is meant to do this, but it is not so effective in reaching you as a user. The tweets will be replicates of the titles this blog, and a link to the message is provided. So, to be informed when posts are submitted please subscribe to @CCI_FVM.