Open Source / Freeware

Links to Image analyses packages (Open source or freeware for PC):

General image viewersgen viewers
XnView   Viewing/search/contact sheet  freeware
IrfanviewViewing/search/contact sheet freeware
GIMP       Viewing/search/adjustments open source
Company restrictedcompany sw
LAS-AF liteViewer/convert/basic img correction Leica
Zen  Viewer/convert/basic img correction  Zeiss
AXIOVISION LE                                               Viewer Zeiss
NIS-Elements Viewer Viewer/convert/ basic correct NIKON
Open Source Communitiesopen source
Cell profiler   Scripting, good in batch analyses
Cell Analyst  Trainable feature analyses
ImageJ            Flexible Image processing
BioimageXDViewer/image analysis
ICY              Viewer/ Image Analysis
IJ plugin assembliesij
FIJIAssembled IJ package / automated updating
MBFAssembled IJ package (also other plugs than FIJI)
IJ-site NIH
ObjectJUniversity of Amsterdam (UvA)
GDSCUniversity of Sussex
Microscopy database for image browsingOME
OMEImage browsing/analyses
Bisque Image browsing/analyses
Volume viewersvol viewers
Bioview3D                3D rendering/animation
Volview Kitware        3D rendering/animation
Fluorender             3D rendering/animation