–        Leica TCS SPE-II confocal laser scanning-microscope on a  DMI4000
–        Olympus BX60 fluorescence mic with color CCD camera (Leica DFC425C)
–       GE Healthcare  OMX-V4 blaze Live cell super resolution using SIM
–        NIKON STORM/A1Rsi/TIRF Live cell system with superresolution posibilities using pointillism techniques
–        Zeiss SLM880 NLO Multiphoton microscope for in vivo imaging
–        Leica S6D preparation microscope
–        Reichert Ultracut S ultramicrotome (currently stationed in the Electron Microscopy Utrecht (EMU) at the department of biology
–        Leica CM3050 Cryostate

All microscopes require special training and permission to work on, see contact information at the description pages of the microscopes