Posts Before November 2013

dd October 2013

The A1R/Storm system is running  satisfactory, we keep testing its capacities. NIS software has been updated to the latest 4.2 version with quite some improvements. Also the SPE2 has been serviced and software was updated. Please contact us if you have difficulties.

dd June 2013

The NIKON A1R/STORM system is running. A1R CLSM live cell imaging is performing quite well, we await filter changes to optimally image gfp / rfp variants. The STORM is still in its testing phase, especially dual/triple color imaging is challenging. The AFM has moved to the CCI and is operational, contact Bart Gadella for further info.

dd April 2013

The NIKON A1R/STORM system has been installed and the first imaging validations are being preformed. Please ask staff if you are interested to image on the machine. We will evaluate the time schedule and need for you to do your experiment on the machine.

dd March 2013: 

A new state of the art microscope will be installed, the NIKON A1R/STORM system. We will be trained in the coming weeks on the A1R CLSM, the TIRF and STORM options.

The AFM from the B&C department will be moved to the CCI.

dd Jan 2013:

new Leica cryostate 3050S replaced the broken IRAS cryostate, thanks to collaborive effort of IRAS, DWM,Pathobiologie, I&I and GZD. Thank you all on behalf of the users for the continuation of this functionality at the CCI.

dd 2012

The OME image database on a LINUX server (with kind help of Aart deGroot) is working fine. We are exploring ways to properly implement it into the network to have central collection of the microscope data. We aim to store these for about half a year so users can acces the files easily and arrange definite storage capacity of their own.