About imaging chambers

Users need to purchase their own stocks of imaging chambers, we were lucky to obtain a set of chambers from IBIDI and they perform well on our systems. We also have good experience with WPI 3 cm Fluodishes (having a 8 mm or 23 mm imaging well), initial problems with Labtech chambered coverglas slides are solved. Low cost solutions using ATTOfluor cell chambers clamping 25 mm round cs from Marienfeld are also available. It should be noted that mounting cs sometimes induces tension in the clamped cs which is released in an unpredictable manner, resulting in a loss of focus. Remember that objectives of high end imaging systems are calibrated to work with #1.5 (or 0.17 mm) thick glass coverslips.

Lastly, the TOKAI hit heater setup will be updated to allow better fluid replacement during imaging in the coming weeks.