Centre for Cell Imaging safety instructions during the SARS-CoV-2 crisis

The CCI is closed for all purposes with exception for people that need to finish essential experiments and the work performed on corona at the virology subdepartment. We are one week in this setting now and hope everybody is safe at home trying to get a workroutine.

Great initiatives to learn microscopy related (and unrelated)  courses are collected here and on ibiology or MOOCs, this may be the best time to upgrade knowledge on FIJI, Python, R, machine learning, etc.

When you desperately need to use our equipment, please use common sense to keep distance and apply to strict hygiene rules. Register (at reception and on-line) for security staff to know who is in the building at any time. Offices are spacious so a minimum of 1.5 m distance between persons is easily done. For the microscopy spaces, please check the on-line booking system before entering. If someone is already in the area, try to minimize the time to co-occupy a room.

Make sure to close the system(s) when you are done, likely you are the last to image any time of the day.

Take time to clean the workspace before and after your visit.

  1. Make sure surfaces are cleaned with 70% EtOH (bottles are present in the lab)
  2. Make sure microscope parts that people touch are cleaned with 70% EtOH wetted cloths.
    1. Knobs on the scopes (focus, xy-table, condenser), remote joysticks, touch screens, etc
    2. Oculars (clean the rubber rings, use the lens papers to clean the lens itself)
    3. Microscopy table
    4. Mouse, keyboard, on-off switch PC
  3. Please do not (re)use the common lab coats, use your own to work in the labs
  4. Wear gloves or wash hands before and after your work, do not touch your face
  5. Work alone on a microscope, so co-operation (one doing microscope hardware, the other the PC) is not recommended.

We leave some electronic equipment running since they require continuous cooling, please do not shut down the already running equipment without notifying us (R.Wubbolts@uu.nl).

Above all, stay safe and stay at home when possible, according to the government and UU guidelines.

Kindest regards,

CCI staff

Richard Wubbolts

Esther van ‘t Veld