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April 4: ImageJ Advanced workshop

The Bio-Imaging Utrecht community organizes an ImageJ/FIJI workshop for experienced users on Tuesday the 4th of April. Previous sessions were very well appreciated and they allow you to interact with experts in IJ coding. You can learn image analyses automation and the experts can help you find, tweak and apply the proper plugin(s) for you specific question. It is highly advised for microscopists who use FIJI but have problems overseeing the large analyses possibilities offered by the platform. Register using the form attached here (deadline 17th March) 

Leica SPEII vibration issue

Image distortions due to vibrations on the system were reported last week. We elevated the vibration insulator silicon supports and temporarily solved the problem. New insulators will be placed during the next Leica service. Please notify us when stripe patterns appear in your images.

Leica SPE-II shifted in room O-101

We have an old building that is leaky, a serious water spill occurred when the last storm hit the east wing of the Androclus building. The equipment (the SPEII) was not damaged due to the swift action of Martijn Moolenaar (thanks again). Apparently, the rain leaked into the building at multiple departments and it is a major concern of the maintenance department. Although patch-type preventive measures are in progress, recurrence of the flooding cannot be ruled out. We urge users to  notify CCI staf asap when it occurs again.

To minimize damage due to such a recurring accident we moved the SPEII to the east wall of the room and lifted all wiring from the floor. The machine is in full operation again.

Clearly, another save location for the SPEII in the tightly packed CCI is high on our agenda.

DATA storage testing

A StorSimple backup system has been  implemented by ITS.  We have tested it for a couple of months and it seems to perform well. The extra network drive is available on all imaging machines (except for the Zeiss NLO system, that will be connected to the net in the coming weeks) and can be found at O:\Research\CCI\#equipment\##user##.  Writing on the drive  can only be done on our machines, users will be able to read only from these drives so data will be available but secured. We are implementing a secure logon system for users to read data from this drive.


Leica SPE-II 40x Objective

The new 40x objective (HC PL APO CS2 NA1.3, oil immersion) has been equipped with the correct condenser prisms some time ago, but it was not mentioned here. So the DIC and fluorescence is fully upgraded on the machine. Please realize the greater sensitivity of the new objective. Intensity measurements acquired before June with the 40x will have lower values than the current 40x.