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April 4: ImageJ Advanced workshop

The Bio-Imaging Utrecht community organizes an ImageJ/FIJI workshop for experienced users on Tuesday the 4th of April. Previous sessions were very well appreciated and they allow you to interact with experts in IJ coding. You can learn image analyses automation and the experts can help you find, tweak and apply the proper plugin(s) for you specific question. It is highly advised for microscopists who use FIJI but have problems overseeing the large analyses possibilities offered by the platform. Register using the form attached here (deadline 17th March) 

DATA storage testing

A StorSimple backup system has been  implemented by ITS.  We have tested it for a couple of months and it seems to perform well. The extra network drive is available on all imaging machines (except for the Zeiss NLO system, that will be connected to the net in the coming weeks) and can be found at O:\Research\CCI\#equipment\##user##.  Writing on the drive  can only be done on our machines, users will be able to read only from these drives so data will be available but secured. We are implementing a secure logon system for users to read data from this drive.


Reoganization of the CCI

Due to the renewal of  equipment, we will reoganize the CCI drastically.

First, the space that will host the multiphoton system is being prepared. This is a collaboration with the WKZ, see earlier posts about this. This system will be placed in room O122. The co-ordinator of work on this machine will initially be Nienke Vrisekoop. We will facilitate instruction, authorisation and general surveillance of the device.

In preparation of this, the Olympus microscope has been moved to O123A, see an earlier post about this.

Second, we need to fit the OMX system within our limited space which has proven to be a major task. Currently, we plan to move the SPE2 system to the wetlab (room O101) are reserve it for maximally ML1 work. The OMX will then occupy room O124 and O124A.

To do this reorganisation and restore arrears of maintenance on the airconditioning units, we will face disturbance in the CCI day-to-day business in the coming weeks/months. Watch this space for updates.

Upgrade Olympus/Leica microscope

The Leica color camera on the Olympus microscope setup has been upgraded due to great efforts of Rob and financial support of the IRAS, we are very grateful for this improvement of the CCI.

One of the new features is live stitching. While moving the xy-table during image acquisition, the LAS software will choose appropriate timing of snap shots that build up a stitch in a live preview.

Ask Rob for further details and other features of the upgrade.